Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Channel cover from Borgo Press Edition

Here's what I posted on the facebook SimeGen Group with this cover.

Here's the long-awaited cover for FIRST CHANNEL.  It is paper and e-book available in a couple more days.

Wildside went to the mat for us and photoshopped out some wooden bracelets this figure was wearing. We'll live with the long sleeves and pretend this is a sleeveless yawal -- or maybe just imagine riding pants under a tunic. We imagine this is Kadi rounding up the horses after the fight which leaves Rimon unconscious. We have real good imaginations, Jean and I. We do. The custom art on previous covers has been much, much less accurate, so we've lots of practice.

We see it as Kadi on a saddle stolen from some Freebanders who got it out-Territory -- which tells you a LOT about out-T culture on the Gen side. I would have expected wrangler's saddles, solid Western saddles with gear etc. But we discovered there's more out-T to learn about. Someone quick write a story about where this saddle came from, who made it, and why. Or maybe the story they make up when selling it in town? Talk fast.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Covers of New Sime~Gen Releases

There's a discussion on the SimeGen Group on facebook (please join us!) about the new covers, which are turning out pretty good.

Here are the first two.

And yes, House of Zeor is actually a "Western" -- it's just a Science Fiction Western set in the far future when humanity must reconstruct civilization.  They're lucky horses survived.

On the facebook SimeGen Group, Eliza added tentacles to Digen's headache.  The llink is there if you want it.

Both these novels are now available in e-book.  Here they are on Kindle:
House of Zeor (Sime~Gen, Book 1)

Unto Zeor, Forever (Sime~Gen)  

Jacqueline Lichtenberg