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Sime~Gen Perspectives Newsletter - August 2009

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Anticipation 2009 was in Montreal. Anne Pinzow and I drove up on Thursday, August 6, and left Monday morning, August 10. After marathon attempts to get onto the correct one-way street to reach the parking entrance to our hotel, we left the car in the hotel garage for the duration. Believe me, you do NOT want to drive in Montreal!

We didn't have to, as we were caddy-corner from the convention center, but boy, did we do a lot of walking! The center is huge, and strangely designed. Only the ground, second, and fifth floors are complete. The other floors are partial, and if you want to reach them you have to figure out which elevators or escalators will actually take you there.

The conference center is a quarter mile from end to end, and as the programming was laid out, everyone spent a good deal of time walking from one end to the other. The writing workshops, filking, and parties were in a different hotel, just about another quarter mile away, so everybody had a number of half-mile hikes, too.

Anne ran the press room for much of the convention, and I got to sit with her in the press box at the Masquerade and Hugos. I took photos for her, some of which turned out pretty well. Thursday evening I did a reading from NESSIE AND THE LIVING STONE ( in the children's programming area. That area was certainly a success for the kids, who were obviously having a good time, but difficult for the adults doing presentations because there was no attempt to run the arranged programming. The con opened the walls between four rooms and closed all but one of the doors.The two front rooms had supplies of every kind, paper, paint, crayons, glue, beads--anything kids might want to make stuff with. Magazines to cut pictures from. clothes for costuming. A creative child's paradise. The only people supervising when I was there were one set of parents in the first room, checking badges and getting supplies for the kids.

The back two rooms were set up for programming with an audience in one, and a circle of chairs for reading in the other. That was where I was supposed to read. But the only children in that room were coloring and doing beadwork, and didn't want to hear a story. I tried talking with them about what they were doing, but they didn't want an adult intruding. Eventually Anne arrived and saw what was happening. She had the bright idea to ask the kids to pose for a photo, which at first they didn't want to do, either. But finally she got them to go along, and told me to read while she took photos from various angles. Some of the kids got interested in the story and stayed after the picture taking was over, so I read on until their parents came to get them.

Friday was my busy day. It started with a panel on whether fan writers need to know about the academic studies on fan writing. The consensus was pretty much "why should they?" Then I taught in the writing workshop. Our three students were at different levels, but all showed talent, and all took criticism well. I ended the day with a panel on the technology of writing, which ended up being just Joe Haldeman and me. We ended up waxing nostalgic about the days of typewriters, and how great it was when the first word processors came along. To this day, though, Joe writes his first drafts by hand, while I'm strictly a keyboarder.

Saturday I bought gifts in the dealer's room for the people who took care of my animals while I was away, then worked at the SFWA table for a while. Anne and I went out for dinner, then to the masquerade. Though it was small, the masquerade was excellent. Afterward we went up to the roof garden for a magnificent display of fireworks. It seems there is some sort of contest going on this summer, with a different group sponsoring a fireworks display every Saturday.

Sunday I had a panel on monsters, where the rest of the panel didn't show up. Fortunately there was a woman who has written books on dragons in the audience, and we managed to wing it pretty well. All of us who had autographing right before the Hugo ceremony had no takers, so we left early and went to the Hugos.

That was the end of the con for Ann and me--we had to leave early Monday morning. Altogether it was a medium-sized WorldCon that seemed to be attended mostly by fans who could afford the travel, the hotels, and good restaurants. I must admit that Anne and I availed ourselves of the excellent French restaurants as well as the Chinese restaurants right across the street, as we were on the edge of Chinatown. Everywhere we went we saw con members.

My experience with the reading in the children's programming the first evening was typical of the way the whole convention ran, pretty much taking care of ourselves. Certain areas, like the green room, were well run, but over all experienced people kept things going without help from higher-ups. I heard stories of whole panels not showing up, of events being canceled without any announcement.

And then there was the party fiasco. Parties were supposed to be on just two floors of the party hotel, nowhere else. Local journalists came to the con on Thursday and wrote stories that appeared on Friday. Somehow the major paper included in its coverage a sentence that could be interpreted to read that there were free parties open to the public. So, on Friday night, the public showed up. Someone called hotel security, who in turn called the police. The police chased away everyone without a con badge, but then started searching the hotel for "illegal parties." It seems that in Canada any gathering of five or more people in a hotel room not on a party floor is an illegal party. The SFWA suite was not on a party floor, so they shut down the SFWA suite.

Then, because the elevators were overcrowded, they decided that a con badge was not acceptable to be allowed to go up to the party floors--people had to show a hotel key to the party hotel to be allowed in the elevators.

Good thing we didn't try to have a Sime~Gen party this year, as all the Friday parties were pretty much ruined.

All in all, though, I had a good con. Anne and I drove up and back through beautiful mountain scenery, met old friends at the convention, and overall enjoyed ourselves.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In Memoriam Bev Zuk

The following is from Melissa Bayard Clemmer 8/19/2009

Beverly Zuk, Illinois writer and artist in fandom for many years, passed away this last Sunday (Aug. 16, 2009) in Wisconsin where she and her husband retired two years ago.

She is survived by a patient, loving husband who was there for her till the end, and two wonderful grown sons.

Bev was mostly a Trek fan, writing several novels, several of which are still available today. She particularly liked McCoy, who appealed to her sense of humor. She was one of the original members of the Trek Mafia, and helped with many SF and Media cons thru the years.

She will be missed.

You may drop comments on this news blog for possible inclusion in a more permanent web page in the Sime~Gen fanzine Companion In Zeor to stand beside the tribute to Joan Winston

Everything on and almost everyone associated with the enterprise is somehow related to or connected to or derived from Star Trek.

See and our classic Star Trek 'zine section

Bev Zuk was a mover and shaker, a guiding light, a cheer leader and a first in scout. She had common sense and a flaming spirit. There's no way to express how she will be missed.

If anyone knows more details of how it happened, please share with us here.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg