Friday, February 24, 2012

New Sime~Gen Fanfic Coming to

BORDERLANDS - Co-operative fanfic in the Sime~Gen Universe by a variety of (really marvelous, talented and skilled) writers is alive and well and about to GROW. I just gave the ftp keys to update the section to Bev who has a backlog of items to post that need (of course) editing because they were created essentially "freehand" -- if you haven't discovered or kept up with Borderlands, now is the time to catch up because here comes more in this ongoing saga about a complex and unique town on, well, The Border. 

That's the entry top page and from there you can cruise down into the episode list and catch up.

People from the Founding 400 who sponsored production of The Farris Channel have now been mailed and emailed notification that the book is available.

Several have turned up on the Sime~Gen Group on Facebook and noted that since their copies of the series novels had worn out, they bought full sets of the ebook versions.

That is one marvelous advantage to ebooks - you can reread them without wearing out the binding.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Progress Reports

Michael Spence has finished the recording of House of Zeor for audiobooks, and it is being compiled from the huge chapter files to a single file you can just listen to.

Here's what I wrote on the SIMEGEN Group on Facebook:

I've got the front matter, Chap 1 complete, most of Chap 2 which didn't upload totally, all of Chap 3 -- GOSHWOW. Spence has captured the characters, his reading is the best I've ever found in an Audiobook (not my usual venue, but I've listened to some to review them). You have no idea how BORING this book is after all these years and all these editions (well, Karen L. MacLeod does almost), but I listened to Spence with an idiotic grin on my face, pumping my fist in the air, and squelching shrieks of joy in order not to miss the next gorgeous WORDS which I could almost chant with him but didn't want to spoil a moment of it. You haven't read this book until you've heard this guy read it! It'll be a few weeks until they get it compiled and distributed. Save up to buy it because audiobooks are expensive, but that's for a reason!!! (a good one).

Meanwhile, Kaires is this weekend taking flyers for THE FARRIS CHANNEL and other Sime~Gen novels to a Mensa gathering. These are the flyers Zoe Farris made (in Australia!).

Kaires also updated the page where you can buy Sime~Gen Jewelry.

Sime~Gen Marketplace - Starred-Cross Jewelry

I have retrieved the rights to my Vampire novels, THOSE OF MY BLOOD and DREAMSPY, and made a deal with Borgo Press to reissue them as e-book and a new paper edition. That will be a few months in the making.

My next release will be the Vampire anthology (without any stories by me or Jean Lorrah) - VAMPIRE'S DILEMMA edited by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah, in ebook and paper from Wildside Press.

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Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Sunday, February 12, 2012

ReReadable Books Review Column Updated

The review column for February 2012 is now posted, and books to be reviewed are posted through June 2012.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg