Friday, February 24, 2012

New Sime~Gen Fanfic Coming to

BORDERLANDS - Co-operative fanfic in the Sime~Gen Universe by a variety of (really marvelous, talented and skilled) writers is alive and well and about to GROW. I just gave the ftp keys to update the section to Bev who has a backlog of items to post that need (of course) editing because they were created essentially "freehand" -- if you haven't discovered or kept up with Borderlands, now is the time to catch up because here comes more in this ongoing saga about a complex and unique town on, well, The Border. 

That's the entry top page and from there you can cruise down into the episode list and catch up.

People from the Founding 400 who sponsored production of The Farris Channel have now been mailed and emailed notification that the book is available.

Several have turned up on the Sime~Gen Group on Facebook and noted that since their copies of the series novels had worn out, they bought full sets of the ebook versions.

That is one marvelous advantage to ebooks - you can reread them without wearing out the binding.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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