Thursday, April 28, 2011

alien romances: New Sime-Gen Books

alien romances: New Sime-Gen Books

That link leads to a commentary by Margaret Carter, an accomplished writer whom some of you may know from the Sime~Gen Listserv which now functions via the facebook SimeGen Group.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Another New Sime~Gen Novel


The latest Sime~Gen release is TO KISS OR TO KILL by Jean Lorrah.

Jonmair's destiny was death. Baird Axton made her want to live.

This is the book the fans asked for: it's about the heroism of ordinary Simes and Gens that made Unity possible. There are no Farrises or Tigues in this book, and the only channel with a major role (a supporting character) uses his dual system for playing shiltpron, not transferring selyn.

The main characters are a renSime, Baird Axton, and a Gen, Jonmair. Sold into the Pens by her own parents when she establishes as a Gen, Jonmair expects to die providing one more month of life for a Sime. But while she is waiting in the Pen, Unity is declared and Baird rescues her from the Last Kill.

Baird's family owns The Post, the largest entertainment establishment in Norlea, and there Jonmair works while she struggles to figure out what to do with the life she never expected to have. While Baird and Jonmair are the main story, Zhag and Tonyo, whom you met in The Story Untold, are supporting characters also trying to figure out a whole new way of life.

These books are currently available in Kindle, but paper versions will become available in the near future.