Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Buying a Knit Tit

Last time I mentioned buying a knit tit on Ebay. 


It arrived quickly. It was well made, attractive and much too big.  It stuck out over 3 inches from my chest.  My real one is less than 2 inches.  It was also firm.  I cut a slit in the bottom and pulled out over 80% of the stuffing. Then I sewed it back up again.

This knit tit is now a great prosthetic. It’s soft enough to wear during exercise.  Seriously, doing pushups with a silicone prosthetic feels weird and unbalanced. There’s that hard thing hitting the floor before the rest of me is down. The knit tit squishes down just like a real one, so exercising feels normal.

Even more importantly, the knit tit is soft enough to hug somebody without jarring them.  
A silicone prosthetic feels like something hard between me and my huggee.

I decided I needed more so I could always have a clean one. I ordered them in different colors so I could tell which ones need washing.  Polly, the former midwife who knits them, wrote that she thought I had ordered different colors to go with my outfits.  I wear opaque bras, so that’s not an issue.  I told Polly, I may decide to take one out to show other women at cancer support meetings, but otherwise, only my husband and I will see them.

I also told Polly about the over stuffing. She said she usually makes them for classes on breast feeding, where the extra stuffing makes them easier to hold.  I told her I have enough stuffing from the one she already sent that I could stuff 3 more for my personal use.  She happily offered to send me 3 knit tits without stuffing and without the bottom sewn closed. She even gave me free shipping on the unstuffed ones.  She said to tell future prosthetic customers to mention that they want the stuffing packed separately from the knit tit, so they can decide how full they want it. So, if you’re ordering, be sure to mention you want the knit tit for a prosthetic.

I haven’t washed one yet, so I don’t know how long they take to dry, but I’m sure it’s not like a quick-dry sock.  I’ve been wearing it with a nursing pad between me and the knit tit.  So far I’ve only needed to wash the nursing pad.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 2012 Updates

Vampire's Dilemma has picked up a couple of very nice reviews, and of course since there are 9 stories in this anthology, there's a lot more to say about it.  Which was your favorite story?

Being the editor, I couldn't "review" Vampire's Dilemma, but my Review Column Re-Readable Books is now posted through June 2012, with the books to be reviewed posted through November 1012 at:

As of June, 2012, it appears that both Jean Lorrah and I will be on the program at ChiCon7
http://www.chicon.org/  for details on the convention.  Fans are planning a Sime~Gen Party marking the release of the 12th Sime~Gen Volume in early 2012.  Keep current on plans by joining the Sime~Gen Group on Facebook. 


Jacqueline Lichtenberg