Monday, September 20, 2010

Where is JL?

For those wandering into this blog by accident, "JL" = Jacqueline Lichtenberg (me) and "Jean" = Jean Lorrah.

We are the owners and operators of Sime~Gen Inc. and where many folks volunteer time and energy to support the creativity of other people. Geezerchick is one of the the most prolific contributors.

This blog carries the domain newsletter which is also available on a mailing list -- but spam has become too much of a burden for many people. So we've established this blog to carry news of the doings on the domain and news by those contributing to the domain.

From September 23, 2010 through probably October 4th, I (JL) won't be online much, but you can contact Jean Lorrah by leaving a note on this blog.

Jean and I are brewing up a social-networks based initiative which will be supported by the domain and provide some entertaining and informative resources for students of the art and craft of writing. We will explore all the aspects of human life and society that are necessary ingredients in construction of characters.

But we will also focus on what it takes to live as a professional writer. Your characters are part of your life!

Watch this blog or join us on twitter, facebook, linkedin, or your favorite aggregator such as for the announcement of the new, dedicated blog, website and newsletter.

You will find links to all my social networks and blogs in the box near the bottom of -- you don't have to join to use those links.

You can find Jean Lorrah via her homepage

Jacqueline Lichtenberg -- homepage with full biography & bibliography -- current novels available, print & e-book -- screenwriting projects in progress

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