Monday, November 15, 2010

SIME~GEN now in all E-book formats

Here is a link to the Jacqueline Lichtenberg page on Amazon where you will soon find HOUSE OF ZEOR, all the Sime~Gen reprints, plus the new Sime~Gen novels Jean Lorrah and I have been promising you.


And here's the link to Jean Lorrah's Amazon page (where you will also find some of my books cross-indexed; odd thing that!)

Jean Lorrah

Watch this blog for more info.  All the Sime~Gen novels will be available in almost all e-book formats plus Print On Demand on acid free paper.  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple ipad - whichever you choose you will find us there. 

Free Chapters of my novels can be found through

Free chapters of the Sime~Gen novels are still at   -- look on the left, click to read free chapters. 

Drop a note on this blog if you'd like your comments on Sime~Gen included on the comments page at /writers/simegen/

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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