Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Annual New Year's Chat

Over the Christmas weekend, DUSHAU is available for free on Kindle only
Karen MacLeod, Zoe Farris, and Eliza got together and organized the following web-accessible chatroom for our annual NEW YEAR'S CHAT.
All you need is a browser and you can watch the chat, and talk and vote awards for contributions to Sime~Gen.  You do not need to be a facebook member to attend this chat. 
 Here's the announcement from the SIMEGEN Group on
Sime Gen New Year's Chat

When Sunday, 1 January 2012
Time 14:00 until 17:00 (The finishing time may change)

The time given is "US Mountain time". To check your times see

A very brief conversion of a few of the places as Jacqueline found for me. It is impossible to put all times in the Events 'Time and Date' section. (to be sure, please check your area's time.)

(MST) USA 2:00:00 PM - Sunday, 1 January 2012
( PST ) USA 1.00.00PM - Sunday, 1 January 2012
(Central ) USA 3PM Sunday, 1 January 2012
(Eastern) USA 4 PM Sunday, 1 January 2012
(EST ) (Australia – Brisbane Queensland) 7:00:00 AM - Monday, 2 January 2012 (others in Australia can calculate their times from this)


To Join the New Year’s Chat
When you arrive you will be in the ‘My Room’ room.

You will receive a guest nick (nickname) eg; guest 398

2. At the bottom of the white chat screen enter /nick ‘yournick’ ( EG; /nick ZoeFarris)

And there you are, in the chat.

This room will be used for (Sime Gen) Business. During the Business chat please do not chat in this room. If you wish to chat while business is on go to #simegenchat by typing /join #simegenchat

After the business chat is finished then the ‘My Room’ room will open up to general chat.

Due to the fact that the chat will be logged we really DO Need silence in the room while the business part of the meeting is on. If you try to talk during this part of the chat you will be kicked from the room. Please do not be insulted by this - it is only to keep the room quiet for the business. You are welcome to rejoin, but if you chat again you will be banned from that room until after the business part of the chat.
If you have a question related to the business discussion you are welcome to ask it. Please keep questions short and to the point, giving time for other people’s questions to be answered before posting yours.

If you see someone breaking the one and only rule, please let the moderators handle it. We don't want someone to get 20 private messages telling them not to talk!

We expect people to be adult about this and help us by obeying this one rule. After the business all will be welcomed to chat. Thank you.

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