Thursday, July 2, 2009

creative non fiction about bears

Creative Nonfiction Issue Planned for Fall-Winter 2009-10) Call for Story Ideas. Query Letter Deadline: July 20 In fall 2009, Orlo intends to publish a special ³creative nonfiction² issue of The Bear Deluxe. It is anticipated that under the umbrella of ³creative nonfiction² the magazine will publish landscape-informed travel stories, personal narratives with strong elements of research and reporting, at least one author interview with a noted creative nonfiction writer, short prose, found writing and book reviews. A ³call and response² feature will be included, offering publishing opportunities to a diverse set of writers throughout the country. While definitions of ³creative nonfiction² vary, most agree that the genre gives writers more flexibility in approaching reality-based subject matter. According to the website,, ³creative nonfiction presents or treats information using the tools of the fiction writer while maintaining allegiance to fact.² And as author Bruce Dobler writes in his compendium on creative nonfiction, ³The genre, as currently defined, is broad enough to include nature and travel writing, the personal memoir and essay, as well as Œnew journalism,¹ and the Œnonfiction novel.¹² Send editorial query letters by July 20 to, subject line: Creative Nonfiction Issue. When at all possible, include links to, or samples of, previous work. If submitting completed manuscripts, do not send stories exceeding 4,000 words. Send .pdf docs whenever possible. The creative nonfiction issue is being funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council. ### Orlo The Bear Deluxe Magazine The Orlo Exhibition Space Mailing address: P.O. Box 10342 Street address: 2516 NW 29th Bldg. 9 (see for directions) Portland, Oregon 97296 Phone: 503-242-1047 email: url:

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