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Sime~Gen Perspectives Newsletter February 2009

Sime~Gen Perspectives Newsletter
February 2009

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* NEW IN COMPANION IN ZEOR -- Farris Factor Pts. 5 and 6


Donna Halper has created a wonderful tribute to Majel Barrett Roddenberry who played Nurse Chapel on Star Trek, and went on to marry the producer, Gene Roddenberry. She also played the computer voice for the Enterprise and many other major contributions -- read here:
and visit our entire Star Trek section
where you will find many classic Star Trek fan fiction pieces and more information on the connections between Sime~Gen and Star Trek.



Alternate Universe 4, the famous classic Star Trek fanzine cooperative fiction published by Shirley Maiewski in 1974 (see our tribute to Shirley at is now available for free reading in our Star Trek section.

The authors say:
"We count our familiar Star Trek Universe —— Television's Star Trek —— as number one; The "Mirror, Mirror" Universe as number two; the KRAITH Universe ( as number three; and Light Fleet's Universe as number four. Alternate Universe 4."

****** SIMECENTER NEWS ******

We finally have a science fiction story again (my favorite kind):
ZERO MIND, by Katy Thorp
- trust in the technology
The accompanying artwork is:
- overwhelming view
These works were both submitted in support of an important recipient
of olden days:
Clarion Writers Workshop
teaching science fiction and fantasy writing since 1968.
Send your comments, questions, etc.--about the site, the stories and
art...whatever--to the address below. [Mention 'SimeCenter' in the
subject so I'll know it isn't spam.]
In Service to Unity,
Kaires Tevesu



ReReadable Books Columns for January and February Posted 02-18-2009 -
ReReadable Books Reviews by Jacqueline Lichtenberg posted for January and
February 2009
February includes a review of The Book of Names which someone mentioned at the Annual Chat.
Some of you may be interested in my posts on Tuesdays at the co-blog
Tuesday, February 17th's entry points to a number of blogs and forums where I've been involved in discussions of writing, and comments on Linnea Sinclair's latest novel.


When you enter the imagination of L. H. Young, you begin a fascinating ride, whether you are traveling the time stream with witches, finding love the stuff of legends with her wonderful vampires, traipsing across the universe with her Sci-fi, or going to school with four unusual teenagers born with the ability to heal by touch. Don’t forget that she even writes for the imagination of the very young as seen in The Christmas Kitten.

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If you buy from Amazon using one of our search boxes at the bottoms of many of our pages, or find what you're looking for in our a-stores, we get a few cents to pay the bandwidth bills.
Our Amazon stores (we recommend buying directly from Amazon itself, not one of their onboard retailers unless you know the retailer very well -- we get paid the same, but have found better customer service with shipments). -- NEW STORE created to hold gift items specially useful to writers, both in writing and in just finding the TIME to write.
Also we now have google ads on our main entry pages -- and they pay nicely when someone finds what they want via one of those ads. But don't click just to click -- click something that looks like what you really want.


******COAL FOR CHRISTMAS**********

COAL FOR CHRISTMAS by Lois Wickstrom and Jean Lorrah reached the semi-finals in the Fade-In Writers Network competition:
It would be great to win one of these contests, but even making the semi-finals is a minor credential in our quest to sell our scripts to Hollywood. Coal for Christmas has not won any contests yet, but it is currently under consideration at one major studio and two independent production companies. What that means is that after reading our logline and synopsis, they have asked for and are reading our script. BTW, multiple submissions are not only the norm, but are virtually REQUIRED in Hollywood. We have had to learn a whole new set of rules, very different from the rules for book publishing.


****** NEW IN A COMPANION IN ZEOR *********

Doreen DaBinett's continuing tales -- The Farris Factor -- Part 5 and 6


Keybooks, the book store for writers needing inspiration and ideas, and Key Gifts, the store full of gifts for hard working writers have been redesigned and restocked with new items. - for books and DVD's - for items of use to writers

****** BORDERLANDS UPDATE ***********

Well, time for another catch-up Part in the ongoing Borderlands soap opera. This is the first Part in which Flora Raynor actively participated. The title is "The Rising Generation," and there's no single dominant plot thread, but there is a common theme to most of the episodes: a baby is
conceived, some children get changeover training, a Companion gets a visit from his first cousin twice removed. We also see a new young donor, a budding criminal, and a young Sectuib who's found a new way of life.
Some of these characters are new, some are familiar. Read about them all at
And give us feedback! The more feedback, the better we like it! (Sneak peek: the next Part is called "Till Death Do Us Part," and it's not about death.)


As Coordinator of our Reviews Department, I ask for your help. With the current upsurge in e-book publishing that is sweeping the Internet, we daily receive an increasing number of books to review. Yet, in counterpoint, we have a shortage of reviewers, and many of our reviews staff are several books behind.We are eagerly and actively seeking new people to review for us. As with all of Sime~Gen, our reviewers are volunteers. When they write a review, it is posted
with their byline, and they get to keep the review copy of the books they have read and reviewed.
For more information on our Reviewers Agreement, visit:
Please help us by passing this information along to anyone you know who might want to join our happy band. If interested, they can e-mail me at or send a note expressing their interest to Jean at
Midge Baker
Reviews Coordinator

Anyone shopping Amazon who wants to contribute to without it costing them a cent, please start by using any of the Amazon Search boxes on our pages. Our top page has three really handy ones near the bottom.

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A SIME~GEN postage stamp is now available to order on cafe press. It can be used just as you would use a regular postage stamp. Be the first on YOUR block to have them! We've got a new page for Cafe Press items from our artists and authors. Now you can get t-shirts, greeting cards, clocks, mugs, and other great stuff with work from your favorite artists. You can even buy books about Nessie, the Orange Forest Rabbit and The Reluctant Spy that aren't available anywhere else. is a direct link to all our items and merchandise stores. Use of this page will give the domain extra income. If there is an item that you wish to see that isn't offered, just write Lois at and she'll get it ready for you to order.

******HELP WANTED*****

The spotlights section of currently needs interviewers, spotlight posting personnel, an assistant spotlights gatemaster, and a keygifts store manager. We are also requesting an Assistant Reviews Co-coordinator - duties include covering when other staff are unable to perform tasks. We are almost finished revamping our reviews section and expect activity to be at a constant high level. We're looking for a versatile quick learner able to put in some time
daily. Pluses are: A good command of the English language (syntax, grammar, punctuation, in that order), some computer experience or ability to learn, and an interest in books. Direct all inquiries to
Individuals to take over, or assist with the SIMECENTER Site -- It isn't at all hard, but a bit time-consuming...and very rewarding ("meeting" these marvelous authors and artists, if only via E-Mail and their websites.) Please write me, Kaires Tevesu, if you are interested.

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We have had to withdraw the entire Sime~Gen project from Meisha Merlin for a wide range of reasons. They missed several deadlines for publication of TO KISS OR TO KILL and showed no signs of intention to get it out any time in the foreseeable future. That stalled everything else. It was very disappointing. So we are now actively in search of another publisher.
THE UNITY TRILOGY should continue to be available for some time -- they have the right to dispose of all stock in the Meisha Merlin warehouse.

******AVAILABLE RELEASES***********

~ the Omnibus reprint of Jean Lorrah's SAVAGE EMPIRE: DARK MOON RISING -- is #1 in the reprint program.
~ Trade Paperback edition of DREAMSPY from BenBella Books and you can order on Amazon and some other places
Read the comments here:
~ SAVAGE EMPIRE: PROPHECIES is #2 in Jean Lorrah's and Winston Howlett's omnibus reprint of the Savage Empire
Still Available in Trade Paperback, SIME~GEN: THE UNITY TRILOGY

***** Sites to Remember *****

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